ONEILL PONTO 106P Napszemüveg

ONEILL PONTO 106P Napszemüveg
19 990 Ft
1.5 Polarised Sun Lenses and will be non-prescription (known as PLANO).
They?re scratch-resistant, hard coated lenses and offer 100%
ultra-violet (UV) protection against the sun. Polarised lenses are great
for driving, especially when theres a sunny sunrise or sunset and you
can be temporarily blinded by the sun, even when wearing normal
sunglasses. Polarised lenses cannot be worn while driving at night.

We usually specify whether the lenses are solid or graduated. Solid
lenses have the same shade over the whole lens. Graduated lenses
gradually become a lighter shade; starting with a darker shade at the
top of the lens and going to a lighter shade at the bottom.

We also specify if our sunglasses have mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses
have an extremely reflective (mirror-like) coating applied to the lenses
Plastic (TR90) Frame. TR90 Plastic is Lightweight & Flexible Frame
Size (mm): Eye Size: 60 Bridge Size: 15 Sides: 142


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